Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Groovuino groove box demo

Here is the demo of a first version of the groove box made with groovuino library.

It has :

Mono synth section
3 osc with multiple waveforms, tuning, etc...
An ADSR enveloppe
A LP filter (Mozzi filter)
An LFO linked on the filter frequency.
The sensors permit to play notes.

Arpeggiator section
arpeggiator modes (random, UP, DOWN, UP/DOWN)
arpeggiator speed
Scales (pentatonic, dorian, arabic, minor, major, etc...)
pitch (only octave)
The note length can be changed by the IR sensor

Sampler section
For the moment, just one 16 steps sequenced loop, the sequence can be real-time recorded
4 samples read. Can put the one shot samples on the SD card.

Explainations here on how to build the groovuino :